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Acticin (Permethrin) Uncovered: Comprehensive Guide on Uses and Safety


In the realm of dermatological treatments, particularly for parasitic infestations like scabies and lice, Acticin (Permethrin) stands out as a highly effective solution. Developed from its agricultural origins, this synthetic insecticide has transitioned into a crucial medical tool. This comprehensive analysis aims to delve into every aspect of Acticin, providing an insightful understanding of its global presence, efficacy, safety, and usage guidelines.

What is Acticin?

Acticin is a brand name for a topical medication that contains permethrin. It's a synthetic insecticide used for treating skin diseases caused by parasites, such as scabies and lice. Permethrin acts on the nervous system of parasites, quickly paralyzing and killing them.

The image shows a 3D representation of the molecular structure of Acticin (Permethrin). It's a complex, intricately arranged model with atoms and bonds clearly depicted, emphasizing the scientific accuracy of the compound's composition. The image is purely visual, with no text, labels, or annotations, allowing the molecular structure itself to be the focal point. The colors and lighting are used to highlight different aspects of the molecule, creating a visually appealing and educational depiction

Global Availability and Brand Names

Acticin is sold under different names depending on the region. In the USA, it's known as Elimite, while in the UK, it's called Lyclear. Other countries may have their own brands, but the active ingredient remains the same.

History of the Drug

Permethrin was first synthesized in 1973 and used in agriculture as a pesticide. Later, due to its high efficacy and safety for humans, permethrin began to be used in medicine. Acticin became one of the first drugs to use permethrin for treating skin parasites.

Indications and Contraindications

Acticin is recommended for use in scabies and lice infestations. It's effective against adult parasites and their larvae but does not kill their eggs. The drug is contraindicated for people with allergies to permethrin or other components of the medication, as well as for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Side Effects of the Drug

While Acticin is considered safe, side effects can occur, including itching, redness, and burning of the skin at the application site. Rarely, allergic reactions requiring medical intervention may occur.

Forms and Dosages

Acticin is available in the form of creams, lotions, and sprays. The concentration of permethrin in these products varies from 1% to 5%. The specific form and concentration depend on the disease and its severity.

Advantages of the Drug

The main advantage of Acticin lies in its ability to quickly and effectively destroy parasites with minimal risk of systemic side effects. The drug is convenient to use and suitable for home treatment.

Clinical Trials and Developments

Before being released on the market, Acticin underwent a series of clinical trials confirming its effectiveness and safety. Over time, the formula of the drug has been improved to enhance its properties and reduce side effects.

Current Preferences

Today, Acticin remains one of the most preferred options for treating scabies and lice, thanks to its proven effectiveness and ease of use.

Why a Doctor’s Consultation is Necessary

Consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial to ensure the correct choice of treatment, considering individual characteristics and potential risks. The doctor will help determine if Acticin is suitable for a specific case and provide recommendations for its use.

Where to Buy

Acticin can be purchased at pharmacies and specialized medical stores. Depending on the country, the drug may be available with or without a prescription.

Can You Trust Online Pharmacies

When buying Acticin online, it is important to choose licensed pharmacies with a good reputation. Avoid purchases from unverified sellers to prevent encountering counterfeits.


In conclusion, Acticin represents a significant advancement in the treatment of parasitic skin conditions. Its development from a simple pesticide to a key medical treatment underscores the importance of innovation in healthcare. While Acticin is generally safe and effective, it's crucial to use it under medical guidance to avoid potential side effects and ensure its effectiveness. Whether purchased from a local pharmacy or a reputable online platform, Acticin continues to be a reliable option for those battling scabies and lice, marking its steadfast position in dermatological care.

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